Black Bean and Avocado Wrap

I’m not going to lie, whenever I hear the word “vegetarian” I sigh a little.  I’m the kind of person that feels a meal is not a meal without meat.  And although I can eat meat-less salads, I’m not happy about it. When lunchtime came around yesterday and I looked in the fridge to whip… Continue reading Black Bean and Avocado Wrap

Cajun Shrimp Pita Pockets

As I mentioned before, I’m all about sandwiches!  To me, they are one of the best ways to satisfy hunger…and add almost any type of seafood and I’m golden.  Seafood has a special place in my heart; I don’t get to eat it often, so it is a special treat.  I decided it’s been long… Continue reading Cajun Shrimp Pita Pockets

Turkey Meatballs & Chickpeas With Stewed Tomatoes

Even though Summer just began, I’m really looking forward to everything Autumn…

Coconut Chicken

I found a great recipe on Pinterest for a cucumber raita and I was thinking it would go great with something – but what?  Coconut chicken!  I had coconut-breaded chicken at a restaurant a while ago and I figured it would go great with the sauce.  The recipe for the cucumber raita was relatively easy and… Continue reading Coconut Chicken